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To prevent spam, you can create a temporary email address here for free. As soon as an address has been created, all emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your own email address.

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To this address we forward the mail that arrives at the temporary address.
Choose the domain on which you want to request a temporary email address.


  • No-spam-for-me.com is not responsible for any failure of this service.
  • The email addresses you provide to no-spam-for-me.com are carefully stored and will not be shared with third parties. More information in our privacy statement.
  • This service may not be misused for sending spam or unsolicited email. Abuse can lead to a ban from this website.

How does it work?

Short lived

Your disposable email address will automatically be deleted when its validity has expired. You will then no longer receive emails from that address.

No spam

If your created temporary email address ends up on a spam list, you won't notice it.

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